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Vintage Victorian Steampunk Photo Booth Rentals Kansas City

Victorian Steampunk

Our Vintage Steampunk Time Machine Photo Booth

The "Sherlock Holmes" Photo Booth.

If you combine the elegance of the 1800's with 2015's advanced technology,
this is what a photo booth would look like.

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rustic vintage steampunk western photo booth
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Vintage Time Machine Steampunk Photo Booth Sherlock Holmes

This is our classic Vintage Steampunk Time Machine Photo Booth.
Use it for a formal gathering to casual, the only difference is in the props you
choose to use. Warmly stained woods and cool hardware. The front panel puts
on a plasma light-show. The dials and switches light up. Bursts of steam actually
comes out of the vents. This booth may look like it's from the turn-of-the-century but everything in it is high tech. It is a mechanical marvel that provides your guests
with that "WOW" moment when they see it and then they can't wait to use it.

steampunk vintage photo booth panel

Booth Specifications:

This booth is approximately 4 feet
by 7.5 feet. It is 7 feet tall without the canopy.
The prop stand is about 3 feet by 3 feet.
It fits up to 10-12 guests. We require only
a regular 3 prong electrical outlet within 25'.
The booth can be set up inside anywhere
as long as the floor is solid. Outside,
if well covered from the elements. We can provide our own outdoor tent coverage if requested.

photo booth front steampunk screen

The best thing about The Looking Glass Photo Booths: Our photo booths don't cost any more than other photo booth companies, the ones that show up with only a camera and some curtains. Check out our Pinterest page to see many more of our event photos of this booth and all our other photo booths.