Red Carpet Photo Booth Info

Information On Our Red Carpet/Backdrop Step And Repeat Shoots

Picnic themed red Carpet photo booth shoot

We do many Red Carpet backdrop events. These photo booth shoots are more economical than our full photo booth rentals but just as much fun. You still get the full use of our props and we print out unlimited photos right there just like our photo booths. You choose the theme, we bring it. Our photo booth software plays on a large 40" screen. We can also design any background or backdrop you have in mind for your event. Great for larger groups. Different choices of backdrops. It's a photo booth without the walls.

Red Carpet Photo Booth Dimensions and Space Requirements.

Our Red Carpet photo booths require more space than our regular photo booths. The backdrop itself  is 10 foot wide and 8 foot tall allowing for larger groups. We have a few smaller backdrop sizes available if the space is tight.

 Indoor or outdoors.

Our red carpet photo booths can be set-up outside. We prefer to have it on solid ground like concrete or wood. If the weather permits we can set-up on grass. This backdrop is a large sail so windy conditions can create problems so if there is a solid wall to set-up against this helps. As with all our photo booths they require electricity so we need to be under some cover such as a building overhang or a tent. For an extra charge we can provide a 10' by 20' tent that covers the entire booth and props area.

Outdoor red carpet backdrop photo booth shoot.

All of our photo booths require 1 standard 110v electrical outlet located within 50' of the booth area. Or an extension cord to plug into within 50'. Really that's all we need. We bring our own lighting so it doesn't matter how dark the area is.