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How It Works Photo Booth Rental Kansas City

How It Works

Answers To How Our Photo Booth Rental Works.

Once you've decided to rent one of our photo booths for your event
we take over to make the rest of the process as easy as possible.

We will email to you a copy of your rental agreement.

You fill it out, sign it and return it to us. Our address can be found on the top of the
agreement and on our website under the "contact us" page.
We will then sign and return it to you for your records.

Leaving your deposit.

If you plan on sending us a check you can mail it back with your agreement.
If you want to use a credit card let us know and we will send you an invoice
to your email for you to pay online through "Square Inc".
You can pay either through your computer or your phone. It's really easy.

Next we will come up with ideas for your Photo Templates.

If you have an idea for your photo template great, let us know.
If you've seen one online that you liked also just let us know.
If you have no idea what you want that's O.K. too. If it's for a wedding we
can discuss your colors, your theme, your personal preferences.
If it's for a company event we'll talk logos and brand messaging.

Finalizing your template.

We will take your ideas and work up 10 or more different versions
for you to look over. We then will email these samples to you
and you can decide either you like one or give us feedback on what changes you'd like to make.
You can take a background from one and the frames from another to mix and match.
We will go back and forth until you have exactly what you want.

Leaving the rest to us.

When you return your paperwork we will have your venue contact information.
We will contact the venue and make sure there are no problems.
We will even go out to the venue if we have any concerns just to be thorough.
Then on your event day we are there early to set-up and
test everything to make sure your guests or clients have the time of their lives.
I hear more laughing and craziness in the photo booth than I care to discuss.

Contacting Us.

We get most of our photo booth jobs from being seen at other events and usually
get to meet our future clients. We do most of our work through email,
texting and the phone.
However if you found us online and would rather meet up in person
we are delighted to do so. Just let us know and we'll make it work.

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