Free Props

Our Free Wedding And Event Photo Booth Props.

Make every moment a photo-op with our wildly popular photo booth props. Nobody does props quite like us.

We pride ourselves on our prop selection and quality. Each photo booth has its own theme matching prop stand, filled to the brim with awesome accessories. This is sure to instigate creativity. Not an event goes by that we don't hear from guests that they have never seen so many props. Our photo booth props provide the most unforgettable and funniest of photos. Mustaches, hats, masks, chalk boards, goggles, all sorts of glasses, and more!
But you're always more than welcome to bring some of your own.

Our props can go from classy to crazy, you let us know what you want, we bring it. We make many of our props so if you have something in mind please let us know. Many photo booth companies are moving away from even bringing props. We believe that props are the most fun part of the photo booth.
Compare the props that we bring to the little box of plastic toys most other photo booth companies supply.